Company which has been initiated with just 20 employees in the initial stages, has now grown into a gigantic workforce comprising of approximately 150 officials and employees and are devoting their contributions for the development of the company with a well settled objectives and goals in front of them. The total work force has been channelised according to the functions and the “functional hierarchy” of the company can be projected department wise as:

Production Department:

with the heads of departments of both P.C.O’s & Coin operated payphones and consists of near about 75 Technical and non – technical persons and is also taking care of stores/ inventory. In order to provide absolute fault free technology to the dealers and distributors and to the end customers,all the activities in the Production department are being continuously subjected to thorough supervision. The quality control procedures are invariably adhered and excellent infra structural facilities are being provided backed with latest tools of manufacturing and other testing equipment. Headed by the Director and assisted by the Production Managers who are adjudged as the best of their qualities in the industry are leading the department.

R &D Department:

The Research and development wing headed by the Managing Director himself as the R&D chief and being assisted by the manager R&D, for the implementation of the R&D, strategies formulated by the M.D. are leading the company in a manifold and progressive directions. Perhaps this is the only established company in a manifold and progressive directions, where the Managing Director himself is a R&D Professional and any modifications/upgradations or any new product identification as well as diversification can be implemented at the earliest because of the decision making authority himself takes care of what to do for the progress of the ompany through stabilization of product range.

Marketing Department:

As the effective marketing becomes the core of the subject matter of any company, management has taken instrumental and selective policies while recruiting the marketing personnel. The Director himself is the head of the department and coordinates all the other team members in order to reach the ultimate goal. Director’s team comprises a Deputy General Manager who by virtue of his relevance to the similar field for a period of seven years and extensive contacts with the distribution network all over the country assists the Director in the formulation of Marketing policies. The two Marketing Managers, One who is a senior most Marketing official represented many prominent organizations earlier and contributed a lot for their progress and the other who has completed his M.Tech form I.I.T., Karaghpur and whose performances at different levels of the past portfolios have targeted the designed objectives in an excellent way are playing pivotal roles in the development of the company. All the other Marketing executives and territory managers are well experienced and their commitment to the work has placed the company in the forefront of many other competitors.

Accounts Department:

Which forms the “nucleus” of the commercial operations of the company is being consisted with a Manager Accounts and other persons having their own responsibilities to be discharged and entire financial discipline is being excellently discharged by the combination of all the staff functioning in the department, which also takes care of all the statutory obligations to be discharged and legal procedures to be followed. Every person in the Accounts Department are backed with enormous experience and their valuable services are protecting the interests of the entire company in maintaining the financial discipline, as an important organ of the body of the company.

Customer Support:

The important department of the company occupying the role of a back bone of the progress through their continuous counseling of the issues confronted by the customers consisting of 10- 15 service engineers and customer support executives who will be always in touch with the dealers and end users. The obligation as promised by the company to extend the service support for the effective functioning of the products withstanding to any harsh environmental conditions existing in different parts of the country has been well discharged by the department, through the timely and speedy provision of after Sales service.

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